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Mandatory Food Safety Protocols for Food Business Operators & Quality Executives

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Learning Objectives & Key Take Aways

The purpose of this course is to inculcate the essential skills and understanding of safe food handling to the Food Business Operators (FBOs) at all stages of its manufacture, storage, distribution, and sale under the guidelines of Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006.

This comprehensive training would act as the most successful and cost effective method of reducing the food safety issues in your facility. At the end of the course, you would have a clear understanding of the basic concepts of food safety & hygiene practices.

You would also understand the need of food safety and its implementation under the act for the continual improvement of your facilities. Furthermore, with good hygienic & manufacturing practices you gain improved customer satisfaction.

  PAY Rs. 999 /- only 

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Course Contents :

Introduction To FSSA 

Need for Food Safety

Prerequisite Programmes 

Food Safety Procedures 

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Benefits :

  • Understanding requirements and specifications of the Law.
  • Understand the Hygiene and safety requirements specified in Schedule IV of the Food Safety & Standards (Licensing & Registration) Regulations, 2011.
  • More Confident in preparing an Effective FSMS Plan for your facility.
  • Safeguarding consumer health as per the requirements of the Law.
  • Lowering the percentage of food infections & poisoning & also long term consequences due to such incidents.
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