Here’s What Participants from Industry are Saying

“It was a very good experience. The language was very easy to understand for all. Will recommend for someone trying to understand the basics of Food audit”

Parth Maheshwari

(Clean Science)

” This Training is a must for Individuals associated with the food industry and who want to be on par with current guidelines – Level 1 Training”

Nupur Nagvekar

(Institute of Chemical Technology, Matunga)

“The seminar gave a basic Idea about FSSC 22000 and gave me an immense knowledge about food safety. It cleared the basic ideas and knowledge of FSSC.”

Amita Bhalerao

(Mad Over Donuts – Himesh Foods Pvt Ltd )

We insist others to attend this training programme to improve and follow the daily practices for Good Manufacturing needed to be followed in food Industries

Parshuram Demde

(Desai Brothers Ltd.)

“Being a part of Hotel Industry, or for that matter food Industry – Attending the training session is a must. Good and knowledgable Q & A (Auditor – auditee) round was the best part”

Chirag Laroia

(The Deltin Daman)

“This training was very useful to me. I’m thankful to equinox”

S. Ajmal Khan

(United Kaipara Dairies Co P.s.c)

“Equinox is like the Indian Government in disguise, evangelizing the very purpose of FSSAI for the welfare of every citizen. This training is a must for every individual who is involved in food industry”

Prabhu ENE

(Bread Winners Food & Beverages Pvt Ltd.)

“The training at Equinox was  knowledgeable & the queries were handled quite well. Such training sessions must be made essential part of Processes as it makes the Compliance more stricter & stronger”

Chintan D Mehta

(Sical Coffee Day Co.)

“Now that I know now the basics of FSSAI and its impact on Corporates and FBO’s, I would pass on this information to all our Vendor & Other Food Handlers”

Dhamodaran M

(SATIS Dining)

“The training session was excellent for understanding basics of Food Safety & FSSAI, this will work great for people who are planning to enter food Businesses”

Sanjay Nakra

(Parag Milk Foods Ltd.)

“The training helped me to get more knowledge on FSSAI Norms, how to Follow an FSMS Plan and Procedures for obtaining FSSAI License”

Joseph Chacko

(Thulp Foods Pvt. Ltd.)

“Now that I know now basic FSSAI and its impact on Corporates and FBO’s, I will pass on this information to all our Vendor & Other Food Handlers”

Srinivasan Rao

(Parag Milk Foods Ltd. )

“I learnt a lot about the hygiene, food safety standards in the industry and good manufacturing practices”

Manisha Sharma


“All the complete 4 levels of Food Safety was a great learning experience, looking forward to using it in future”

Srishti Shaw

(WIMWI Foods Pvt. Ltd.)

“Seminar on Food Laws and ISO 22000 was very beneficial and this will definitely help me in my future endeavors”

Mustafa Wakaner wala 

(Tazir Private Limited)

“The seminar was very useful and informative, it was mainly focused on the updated FSSAI norms”

Yash Dubey

(Poshan Foods Pvt. Ltd.)

“As a Beginner in food business, I found the training helpful to establish my project”

Abdul Rashid

(Fitness -De- Royale Pvt. Ltd.)

“The course was very informative; got acquired with Indian set of guidelines for the food safety in production line.”

John Francis Gonsalves

“The session was very informative, well executed and thoroughly researched. All the issues were handled quite well.”

Darshan Gala

(Cake Basket)

“Very useful information about food safety was shared, that can be used in our everyday life in food industry.”

Nivedita Birwadkar

(Hi Care Pvt. Ltd.)

“Excellent Exchange of Thoughts”

Devdutta Dasgaonkar

(Elite Food Speciality Pvt. Ltd.)

“This was a highly learning experience about the food safety and personal hygiene”

Abhay Pandey  

(Revachem Chemical)

“Basic Introduction to food safety standard is a good idea to provide a list of additional  information”

Vivek Kumar

“FSSC 22000 Internal Auditor Course was the best way to understand an auditor perspective”

   C .R. Suresh 

(Rentokil India Pvt Ltd)

“This Seminar throws light on nuances of FSSA 2011 and its implications and at the same time updates us on good practices in food safety “

Naresh Kudva

(Shree Krishna Batata Wada)

“This Seminar is very knowledgeable and MFBOA Association conduct at all the district your this subject seminar”

Dr. Laxman Namdev Mane 

(Maharashtra Food Business Operation Association)

“This seminar proved to be very important for my business”

Chandrakant M. Handge 

(Rudra Enterprises)

“Back to basics- it was a good interactive session. With the aspects of food safety the whole thing was adequately discussed”

Rabiranjan Mohanty 

(Rupa Investment Ltd -Essar)

“This training was quite useful for food business operators and this training will ensure safe business.”

Nilesh Shivajirao Kadam 

(Maharashtra Food Business Operation Association)

“Developing trainers concept well cleared, confident to develop good team on sustainable growth of my organization.”

  Dr. D.R. Waghmare 

(Allied Blender and Distillers Pvt Ltd)

“Events like Seminar/Training regarding Food Safety are a great experience, Thank You “Equinox Team“

Amit Desai

“It was quite informative seminar that will help us demonstrate and educate people”

Tushar  Mansaram Patil

“Very useful, and clearly stated the facts and figures”

  Chandrakant M. Handge 

(Rudra Enterprises)

” One must attend the seminar for daily awareness of Food Safety.  It was a wonderful effort by Equinox Labs. Thanks”

Ketan Chandrashekhar Hajare 

(Gauranga’s Catering Services)

” Seminar was very effective and very interactive training for me.”

Rahul G Patharkar

(Prabhat Nutritious and Frozen Food Pvt. Ltd.)

“The Seminar was good, informative and knowledgeable. Evaluating training, trainer ability and methodology concept”

  Sandip Arjun Mahajan 

(Shree ART Laboratory)

” The Seminar was very informative, precise and knowledgeable”

  Vaibhav Kumar 

(Centum Projects)

“Well organized and the seminar trainer was very intellectual and experienced, a great learning experience from this Seminar “

Suhas Desai 

(Rasoi Hospitality Service Pvt Ltd)

” The session was Excellent ”

  Chandrakant Bojja

 (GIA India Laboratory Pvt Ltd)

“The Seminar was Excellent”

  Amit Khandekar 

(Just Dial Limited)

“The information given was very useful for us “

Dinkar Jadhav 

(Just Dial Limited)

” The Seminar was good and will be very useful in our day to day life”

  Vikrant D Wani 

(Just Dial Limited)

” Good initiative for awareness of norms set by FSSAI  “

Nishit Goradia 

(Kutch Agro)

“This Seminar will help to keep the health in good condition and will prevent Food Hygiene”

  Sanjay Avhad 

(Municipal Corporation Of Greater Mumbai)

“This Seminar was very beneficial for me & my organization in improving the quality of food product and to satisfy valuable customers”

Rajeshree Salgaonkar

“This Seminar was quite interesting, learned new things which we should follow in offices as well as in homes”

  Himanshu Thanekar 

(GIA India Laboratory Pvt Ltd)

“This training was very useful to me. I’m thankful to equinox.”

  S. Ajmal Khan 

(United Kaipara Dairies Co P.s.c)

“Key Insight on all the preventative measures and procedures were followed”

  Rajiv L Pandey 

(Kaavya Facilities & Services Pvt Ltd)

“Learnt a  lot of things about food adulteration and Safety of Food Preservation etc.”

Ashok Mendon 

(Pradhanya Catering Services)

“Got the knowledge about Governmental regulations for Food & Beverages”

  Vanita Zimre

(Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd)

“Was highly helpful in providing in depth knowledge “

  Manish Sawant

(Innovations Interior Design Consultants (IIDC))

” Gathered lot of knowledge about Waste Management which is essential today for a better tomorrow.”

  Himanshu Thanekar 

(GIA India Laboratory Pvt Ltd)

“The seminar was excellent.”

  Santosh M Kadam 

(Just Dial Limited)

“Training was good with a very friendly environment and training materials.”

  Vikrant D Wani 

(Just Dial Limited)

The Seminar was very informative & the presentation was quite explanatory and interesting



“Awareness is a must at all Municipal Corporation in India and health checkup of hotel employees must be periodically done. They must assure physical fitness”

  Sanjay Avhad 

(Municipal Corporation Of Greater Mumbai)

“Learnt new things on auditing &  the parameters  considered for it”

  Oommen Varughese 


” Training covered all the requirement of  ISO standard 22000. training material was good. Useful Knowledge in the interactive ardent to FSSC “

  Mansukh B Mistry 

(Mansukh Mistry & Associate Business)

“Excellent. The practical industry experiences shared by the trainer were very insightful and changed the tone of the Training”

  Anandraj Pawar 

(M/S. Diverse)

 food wastage problem can be solved through such seminars. It should be regularly organized”

  Sanjay Avhad 

(Municipal Corporation Of Greater Mumbai)

“Thank you it was the great training. Wish to attend this training in future”

  Pradeep Mishra 

(Kotak Mahindra Bank)

“Seminar was very informative & interactive”

  Rahul Dhawan 


“One of the Best training sessions by Equinox”

  Bhupesh Joshi
(FDA, FSSAI consultant)

“Very Informative and well conducted. Special recognition to be given to Mrs. Datta for conducting such a fantastic session”

  Ms. Kayan Motashaw 

(Kay Nutritionals Private Limited)

“For me it’s very helpful because i am involved in Auditing of RM, PM supplier and auditing of our company warehouses. I have learnt a lot and will be able to use this knowledge for my next audit”

  Mr. Ambrish Pratap Singh 

(Zydus Wellness Limited)

“I had a knowledgeable experience and was enlightened to many new things”

Isha Sehgal


” I have been attending this Training Programme since a while and my all doubts are clear relating to Advanced Food Safety Management.  Also Equinox has been developed a very good study material of Food Safety management system. I will always be using this study material for my better future prospects in food industry”

  Ganesh Bhaskar Shelar  

(Mahalaxmi Mahila Grahaudyog and Balvikas Bahud Ind)

“Its a good training to understand system & helps to do the next courses like lead auditor etc. Seminar is extremely knowledgable as per our industry requirement. It is a basic course to improve our system knowledge, helps to implement ISO 22000 etc.”

Jayram Patil

(Cloud 9 – Goldwin Healthcare Pvt Ltd)

“This was a great session, the trainer is very eloquent and the information she shared was very insightful. It’s a big thumbs up!! I would suggest friends and colleagues to attend this session for sure. It helped me brushing up on my Food safety knowledge”

Neha sharma

(Compass Group India Pvt Ltd)

“Excellent Program, will implement in my future food services organization”

Tajendar Narang 

(Concept Hospitality Ltd)

” It was a great experience. Interactive session helped me understand the concept & made it easier to implement it”

Ms. Shefali Sudhri Khochare

“The trainings prove fruitful “

Aparna Choidhary 

(FTI Food Tech Pvt. Ltd)

“Basics about product approval were cleared “

Dr. Ketan S. Patkar 

(Natures Shopy)

” Excellent. I would suggest my friends and colleagues to attend the training sessions as well”

Senthil Suppuswamy 

(Bell Flavour & fragrance(I) Pvt. Ltd)

“The training gives a basic understanding and overview of the product approval process. It also helped in clearing some of the nitty-gritty doubts on the process”

D. Sivanarulbavan 

(Dhanalakshmi & Company)

“The training was very helpful”

Nikita Apraj 

(Nutfoods Spectrum)

“The training at Equinox was very informative and knowledgeable “

Ajit Manek 

(Ajit Sweets & Farsan)

“The training was very informative crisp and to the point.”

Sushita Srinivas Rao 


“The training was quite specific and informative”

Saurabh Newaskar 

(San Nutrafoods)

“An amazing platform to discuss on the different process which can be used for Product Approval – FSSAI”

Pragash Ramadoss 

(Naturex – Valentine agro Pvt. Ltd)